Wednesday 31st October

Our winter hanging baskets were delivered today by Cove Nursery and these are to be hung outside of the shop.


I hope others in Bampton take our lead and plant up some pansies to add a bit of colour through the grey winter.

A chap came in and asked if we sold sparklers, which we don’t.

As you need a licence to sell fireworks, and I would have thought sparklers would be classed as a firework, we wouldn’t sell them and I don’t think anyone in Bampton sells them either.

I’ve just checked on Google and there are some interesting facts about buying, selling and setting off fireworks

Was I glad to see this bus arrive?


A couple came in just before 3pm and asked where they should catch the bus to Dulverton.

I checked my bus time list and said a bus was due in a couple of minutes and it could be caught just across the road although you must hail the bus as it is a request stop.

I looked out of the window at 3:25 and they were still stood there.

I checked my bus time list and oops the 3:04 bus comes from Taunton and leaves from the stop near the War Memorial at the top end of town.

Luckily the next bus due across the road was 3:32 so they hopped on board.

I hope they think that the bus was just late!


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