Friday 2nd November

First for Rupert….


The chap that head –butted the policeman at Bampton Fair got off with a caution


In the post this morning we got a supply of Pudsey paw-print tattoos that we are selling for 50p for BBC Children In need.



Just before lunch a regular daily customer who has a business came in to hand over his post.


He gave me the post and wished me a good weekend.


He returned about 4 o’clock with some more post and said “I thought it was Saturday when I came in earlier”.


It’s not the first time he has done this!


We had a delivery of a great big box of chocolates today.


My other half opened up the big (cardboard) box to merchandise the products (stick a price on it!).


There were all sorts of nice Christmas chocolates, Christmas trees on sticks and snowflakes, but the star was the chocolate house.



Unfortunately of the 6 house ordered only one had arrived in pristine condition.


Therefore we can only put one on sale and thanks to James Chocolates the broken homes have to be eaten – we may share with customers!


There was an incident in the Fruit & Veg at lunchtime as a customer had a funny turn.


One of the Bampton First Responders arrived, then a paramedic and finally the ambulance to take the lady away to Exeter hospital for tests etc. Hope she is okay.



Within minutes of the ambulance car arriving, my other half called me on the phone in distress.


She had fallen down the stairs so for the second time this week I had to lock up the shop to go and scrape her off the floor.


Luckily I didn’t need to go outside to call on the medical staff but I think it will be 50 shades of black and blue in the bedroom tonight.


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