Thursday 1st November

It was the talk of the town this morning.

“I went to the Post Office and it was closed, that was a first” was reported back.

My other half has been ill all week and I had to man the fort on my own for a long time yesterday.

When you have taken an early morning tablet with half a pint of water and then had a morning cuppa about 10:30 nature calls and if you are the only one guarding the Post Office cash something has to give.

As no one had been in for a few minutes I took my chance.

I put a note on the door “Back in 5 minutes”, locked it and made a dash for the executive toilet.

I wasn’t gone long but someone must have tried the door and wandered off.

Better news today that my other half was up and about and it was a good job as we went to Torquay this evening to see ‘The Manfreds’

Torquay by moonlight, it reminded me of Turkey a couple of weeks ago but with the fridge door open.


Original Manfred Mann members Paul Jones, Mike Hugg and Tom McGuinness, plus former member Mike d’Abo, were joined by Rob Townsend, Marcus Cliffe and Simon Currie.

Over two hours of brilliant entertainment and if you get chance to catch a show I recommend you do.

Not only did we get all the hits from Manfred Mann but also the spin off solo artist (Paul Jones) and group (McGuinness Flint) hits.

In addition some of the songs written by Mike D’Abo were performed.

Did you know that Mike wrote Handbags & Gladrags?

I didn’t know that until tonight and it has been a favourite of mine, recorded by Chris Farlowe, Rod Stewart and The Stereophonics.

The original members of the group are still great singers and musicians – not bad for old chaps!

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