Saturday 3rd November

A chap came in this morning and asked for a Postal Order as he had to pay someone for ‘turning some chess pieces’.

“A £42 postal order please” he requested.

“£47.25 that will cost you “I replied.

Cough, splutter he went “How much”.

“I’m not paying that” he said.

“I will put cash in the envelope and post it as the bank do not give me a cheque book anymore”.

I responded “if you want to insure your cash then you will need to send it Special Delivery, that will cost you £5.90”.

This resulted in more coughing and spluttering from the customer.

“I’ll send a postal order after all” he groaned.

Humphrey has posted a video of last week’s Bampton Fair on YouTube for you to watch

 This afternoon I went to watch Tiverton Town play football and they won again and are now second in the league.


Long may it continue.

The recent palaver regarding racism in football raised its ugly head at half time.

I went to the snack bar and asked for a black coffee.

“Sorry sir, under new FA rules you can no longer ask for a black coffee” I was informed.

“You have to request a coffee without milk”


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