Monday 5th November


A lady popped her head around the door just after lunchtime and then slowly entered the shop with a dog.

She knew that dogs were not allowed but she needed to post a parcel but dare not leave the dog alone outside so Claire offered to dog sit for her.

She explained that she had just got the dog from Battersea Dogs Home where it had been looked after for over 2 years.

The dog was 14 years old and had been found with no fur and had red sores all over its body so they called it Tomato.

The owner said it wouldn’t bite because it had no teeth and she was having difficulty trying to communicate with the dog as it didn’t know its name.

It is BBC Children in Need next week and the Post Office is the sole agent for selling Paw Print tattoos to raise money.


The idea is that this Friday everyone only wears the tattoo on the face and nothing else.

Some customers misconstrued this thinking we were suggesting they go naked for the day but the idea is that you wear the tattoo rather than make up.

We received new advertising material for the Post office Gift Card.


It’s a pity COMET are at the top the list!


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