Tuesday 6th November

After work last night we rearranged the shop to display more Christmas items.

There are now lots of goodies including this wide selection of Xmas boxes, just the thing to put pressies in, saving the wrapping up.


Christmas stamps were on sale from this morning and if you all remember the leaflet you all got through your letterbox, if applicable, came into force today.


We had two people in to buy their ‘cheaper stamps’ and I was impressed that both customers had brought the relevant proof that they qualified.

Some other Post offices had more of an issue with customers as this twitter snapshot shows.


Just before lunch I disappeared off to Exeter races for their big day of the year featuring the Haldon Gold Cup.

There was a big crowd and as usual I managed to bump into a few familiar faces, some for the first time.


Tony McCoy did not look a pretty site after his accident the other day.



Although he returned to work the next day his face was patched up to protect his lacerations and no doubt he was on the painkillers as he lost a few teeth.

I was looking at the statistics from my blog tonight and they often provide interesting information.

Here are a few of the ‘google’ searches that people have used and have ended up finding my blog:

  • big bra blogs
  • washing dog mobile
  • eating too many clarnico mints
  • what time does bampton fireworks begin?
  • lord of manor bampton
  • how did eph smith die
  • lady in bampton pharmacy
  • removal lorry 2

Hope they were pleased with what they found.



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