Wednesday 7th November

One of our first customers was looking forward to a boat trip up the River Exe on Saturday so she can do some bird watching.

The boat leaves Exmouth and travels up the River Exe estuary

She said that the recent frosty weather should have encouraged more birds to travel to the south of England.

Fingers crossed for a nice day for her.

A farmer came in to tax his tractor.

“Good morning” I said,

He replied  “Awright ‘n aree? “

I smiled and nodded, then asked “Have you got your tax reminder document?”

“Ez”, he replied (I think that was a Yes)

“Do you have your insurance please “I asked him next

He shook his head in dismay.

I then said to him in my best devonish “Wurztooen?”

Another shake of the head, then he pointed out of the window.


He had brought the tractor with him though!


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