Thursday 8th November

First thing this morning my other half spotted a mark on her jumper and said “Oh no, can you see it” to a customer who replied “EVEN A BLIND MAN ON A GALLOPING HORSE COULD SEE IT”.

Some strange expressions do appear from people’s mouths at times.

I got my new season brochure from the Brewhouse in Taunton in the post this morning.


I looked through it and there was nothing I fancy going to see. I don’t know what has happened but a few years ago we used to go many times in a season to the brewhouse but now it is few and far between (oops, I ‘ve come out with a strange expression!).

It is two weeks since Bampton Fair, doesn’t time fly (Oh no, not another idiom).

If you have over 10 minutes of your life to spend watching Morris Dancers have a look at the video that Humphrey has put up on the Bampton Website

I put up a poster to advertise the Bampton Parish Plan, Drop in Session, this Saturday.


Several months ago a questionnaire was sent to all homes in Bampton asking residents to comment on all sorts of aspects of living in Bampton.

The responses have been analysed and the results will be the basis on a ‘Parish Plan’


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