Friday 9th November

A blog follower popped his head in the door, first thing this morning, bemoaning the fact that he had been overlooked for the new Archbishop of Canterbury job.

I think it must have been an ageist issue, as he had the relevant dog collar experience although the neck attire is now shared with Blossom.

My first customer came in and said “First 3 class stamps please”, he must have been a fan of ‘Beat the Clock’ on Sunday Night at the London Palladium.

Squeamoshity raised its ugly head this morning.

A customer said “Did you know my husband cut his finger off earlier in the week?”

I said “Nice weather we are having”.

She continued “He came in with his blood-stained handkerchief on his hand and I went to get a plaster for him.”

He said “You will need more than that”

He had evidently sawn a finger off with a power saw and his wife had to go and look for it.

At this point I was feeling a tad uncomfortable.

She then explained that she was squeamish as well but still continued with the story of how her husband talked her through what she had to do to help save the finger.

They phoned the hospital and were told to go to Musgrave, Taunton so a neighbour was asked to drive him there (finger in toe…sorry tow).

When he got to Musgrave they said sorry we can’t sow it back on here so you will you have to go to Frenchay, Bristol but when they explained it would then need continued surgery over the couple of years he decided that the finger was to be put in the bin instead.


Sticking with a similar theme the Air Ambulance circled around the town before landing so there was plenty of intrigue from customers in terms of who it might have been for.

We had lots of conflicting information on where it landed and who might have needed it.

Let’s hope the person involved is okay, especially if it is one of our customers!


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