Saturday 10th November

After yesterday’s squeamish event, today started in a similar vein (vein – blood – feeling feint).

A chap came in with a patch over his eye and promptly explained the operation in glorious technicolour.

How they gave him eye drops as a local anaesthetic then gave him big injections in either side of the eye and took it out to check it was ready for performing surgery on.

I feel funny all over writing about it now.

The good bit was that as his sight is coming back the brightness in the colour from his ‘new’ eye is a great improvement on his other eye.

He is going to get the other eye done in a month or so, hopefully he will come in while I am at lunch.

Another expression was quoted by someone chatting in the shop this morning.

‘Rough and Ready like a Rat-catchers dog’ – however I can’t find much information on this via Google.

And finally…

A thought for the old man..


First you forget names,

Then you forget faces.

Then you forget to pull up your zipper….

it’s worse when

You forget to pull it down

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