Monday 12th November

There was a bit of excitement outside of the Post Office yesterday afternoon.

I was going to clean the windows in the front room and as I was about to pull back the net curtain I saw a couple of bobbies outside so I thought I’d better leave the net curtain as they might think I was being nosey!

All I could see was someone crouched down beside the Post Box.

After the arrival of two police cars and a police van and half a dozen bobbies the person was eventually taken away in a car with flashing lights.

I still do not know what it was all about.

If you have any information about this incident then please reply to my blog so others can be informed!

It was a steady day today, the weather being grey and drizzly.

I overheard a phone call to my other half during the morning.

Someone was chasing up a signed for package sent to South Africa about 2 weeks ago that had not arrived.

The caller’s husband had managed to lose the receipt with the tracking number so she was asking for our help.

“Yes” my other half replied, “We (meaning me) will look up the number for you and call you back, what is your phone number?”

I heard “01993, where is that as it doesn’t sound local?” “Witney, I think you should be talking to Bampton in Oxfordshire rather than Bampton in Glorious Devon”.

A chap came in with a pile of parcels, mainly books to post.

“Cheapest, please on all of them” he said.

When my other half got to the last and heaviest one she said “£8.80 for that one”.

He replied “Really, would it be cheaper if I posted it in London?”

What planet are some people on?

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