Tuesday 13th November

I’ve mentioned about the availability of stamps at last year’s prices for those people on certain benefits.

They are allowed 36 stamps, a saving of £5.04.

A person came in with the relevant form and proof of entitlement and asked for 29 second class stamps.

I said “You can have 36 at the cheaper price”.

“No. I only want 29 stamps”.

When I tried to make the sale it advised me that the stamps have to be in multiples of 6 so she had to have 30 stamps.

Why would you not but 36 if they are offered?

Customers, both new to us and regulars are still coming in to buy or renew their television licence.

We have not done them for about 5 years now but surely this tells you that they want to transact at the Post office.

I wish the BBC realised what they did when they went for the ‘cheapest option’ of Paypoint.

I guess the actual cost turned out much more to the BBC due the customer service they have had to increase to handle all of the issues.

A local customer came in and was finding it difficult to understand as his hearing aid was not working properly.

He said “when I got the hearing aid it was so brilliant that I could hear the nine o’clock news at half past eight”.

A policeman came in this morning to get some money out of his account.

I chickened out of asking him what happened outside on Sunday.

A customer came in this afternoon and bought a birthday card.

As she approached the counter she sheepishly picked another card out of her shopping bag apologising for putting it in there before she got to the till.

She then went to put the card (the one out of her bag) back on the shelf as she was adamant she knew where she has selected it from.

Obviously not finding the place she decided to buy it instead..

When I turned it over there was not one of our price tickets on it, in fact there was no price.

When I checked the source of the card it was not one of our suppliers.

“I think you bought this from Costcutters, so you do not need to pay me” I told her.

She then looked embarrassed for not buying it from us.

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