Wednesday 14th November

A quiet morning, thank goodness, as I wanted to study the Racing Post before I set off for Exeter Races.

I spied a horse box parked outside while the driver popped into Costcutters.


It belonged to Jeremy Scott from Brompton Regis and it is often muted that you should back the horses from the first horse box you see on the way to the races.

When I checked the Racing Post, Jeremy had 5 runners so they either were squashed up in the one box or he had another vehicle with his other runners.

So how would I know which horses were in the box outside?

On the way to the races, as I was approaching Junction 27 from Tiverton, a learner driver in a school car indicated to pull out into the outside lane in front of me so I let them in.

They continued to indicate right but as I thought that as it was a leaner the M5 south was out of the question and they would go all the way around the roundabout and head back up the link road.

I followed then past the left turn up the M5 as they remained in the outside lane then having crossed over the bridge over the M5 they then indicated left and shot off up the A38 towards Wellington.

So indicate right, indicate left means straight on!

So why did the driver get told by the instructor to move to the outside lane approaching the roundabout when going straight on? Beyond me!

The racing wasn’t particular profitable as one of my selections decided not to race when the tapes went up.

Things were looking better in the next race when my selection, ridden by Ruby Walsh approached the last fence with a several length lead.


Blamn and Dast, it didn’t get much further as it decided it wanted to have lie down before it got to the winning post.


After a little rest the nag bounced back up and trotted off.

And by the way, Jeremy did not have any winners today at Exeter so will have to see if the system works next time.

Last Friday I mentioned the arrival of the Air Ambulance and the speculation on what was happening.

I did not hear any more about it but there was an article in this week’s Tiverton Gazette that mysteriously does not mention Bampton by name but was on the Bampton and Dulverton news page!


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