Thursday 15th November

I thought I would try save some of my energy by putting this in the window.


I presumed that this would save me having to wave to passers-by.

After a couple of hours I took it down as nobody seemed to notice or maybe they treated it with contempt.

A lady came in yesterday and asked “Has someone left the referees football boots here from last week’s match?”


Anyway while I was out yesterday afternoon they turned up because when she came in this morning and asked the same question I found them in the cupboard.

I didn’t ask the reason why.

All the talk today was about the elections.

Bampton have to select 5 new councillors for the Parish Council, nine candidates are standing.

And then there is the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner that no one seems to know anything about.

Several customers have asked me where they can find out about the candidates if they do not have access to the internet.

I just want to know how much commission they will get!  10% of every parking fine?

Mentioning parking reminds me that we had a couple of traffic enforcement officers wandering up and down Brook St this afternoon.

Thankfully there was not much double parking going on at the time although when they returned later there was a poor lady passenger of a double parked car abandoned.


The enforcements officers seemed a lot better than some others as they went to explain to her that it was a fineable offence before they trundled off.

She then spent the next 15 minutes looking in all directions waiting for the driver to return before the enforcers came back.

Just before we closed a customer came in and posted her Christmas cards, not only abroad but also to the UK, so look out you may get your first card for this Christmas on Saturday.



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