Saturday 17th November

Last night we had a great evening at the Toucan, where Alex Hart was performing.

If you go to her MySpace page you can listen to some of her music.

Look what arrived in the post this morning.


My first 2012 Christmas Card – from the Post Office.

I think they post it early to make sure it gets delivered in time!

A customer came in to withdraw some money from his bank and as it was just before the bus arrived I asked if he was going to the metropolis of Tiverton.

He replied  “We had an unexpected visitor arrive last night and they are here for the weekend so I need to go to Tiverton for more rations”.

I find it very strange that some locals do this when we have a bakery, butchers, Fruit & Veg shops alongside a Spar and Costcutter.

Why would your trail all the way to Tiverton for a few extra rations?

 This afternoon I went to watch Tiverton Town and they won again and are now top of the league.




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2 Responses to Saturday 17th November

  1. Steve Runyard says:

    What happened to Friday?

    • bamptonpo says:

      I did it before I went out so it must have got lost…
      The problem is that I was ultra tidy yesterday and deleted the text and photos for Friday from my phone and computer.
      I am going to Cheltenham Races soon so will have a scramble around for tonight.
      I remember the topics though, I think.

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