What Happened to Friday (16th) ???

I don’t know what happened to Friday’s blog.

I did it after work (albeit in a hurry) before we went off to the Toucan for 7 o’clock and presumed everything was fine until an eagle eyed (he’s had his cataracts done I think) follower begged the question ‘What happened to Friday?’

I was ultra-tidy after yesterday’s blog and had deleted all the photographs and text from my phone and computer so what could I remember?

I vaguely remember the events I wrote about and having rummaged around in the bin (the recycling bin on my computer) I found the pictures so here goes.

I had received a tweet during the morning advising on which of the five candidates for the election had voted in but it was good to find the detailed results on the Mid Devon Council website and see the votes cast per person.


A customer came in and asked “Have you ever been into the Card Factory in Tiverton?”

I replied “Why would I when we have a card shop of our own? If you see anyone from Bampton in the card factory then please ask them why they are not buying their card in Bampton Post Office.”

I received a tweet from the Quarryman’s Rest with a picture of their range of real ales.

One of the beers, Plastered, is from the Pheasantry brewery I visited when I went on my 500 mile round trip for a pint in early September so I hope I get time to go and try a pint or two before it sells out.


If you were driving through Bampton and were lost who would ask for directions?


A chap up a ladder, of course!


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One Response to What Happened to Friday (16th) ???

  1. Steve Runyard says:

    Thanks………….well worth the wait!

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