Monday 19th November

A customer wandered in this morning, leaving the door open behind her, and walked up to the counter and said “It’s chilly out today”.

I replied “It will be chilly in here as well now that you left the door open!”

Why is it that customers leave the door open in winter and close it in summer?

A regular came in this afternoon and asked if anyone had lost two large geese.

They wandered into his garden yesterday and have stayed there.

I went to Cheltenham races yesterday and had a wander around the trade stands.

I spotted a stall with printed toilet seats.

This one was at the front.


 It would be fun to buy but dare you put it in your little boy’s room?

When you lift the seat cover up you get another cartoon to chuckle at.



We had booked a table in the Festival Restaurant which was great value.

You could eat whatever you wanted off this extensive menu, whenever you wanted and the food was available from 11am till after 4pm when we left.


The funniest part was that my friend after several courses and platefuls was still looking forward to the ‘Light Afternoon Tea’ so that he could sample the ‘selection’ of tea-cakes.

He was really disappointed when there were no teacakes but there were cakes to have with tea.

The selection of cakes was tremendous although they did look better than they tasted and what looked like egg custard turned out to be a lemon tart!

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