Tuesday 20th November

It was ‘Take your Kids to Work Day’.

Well it was at Tiverton High School, year 8.

In the morning, Lynn who works for us, brought her daughter in while this afternoon we had another young lady who preferred to come and work with us rather than her mother.

It did make me think that there are some jobs that are unsuitable to take your child along with you.

They both did very well and we had them serving the customers with stamps, withdrawing cash and of course their favourite task of serving sweets.

Our customers were very good with them by being patient as we slowly explained what to do to our short term recruits.

Some customers even waited to be served by the youngsters rather than being served by me!

Late in the afternoon another youngster who had been working at Optimum Brasses came in to post the days production so we had one young lady serving another young lady customer.

I hope they enjoyed their experience and got an idea what a day at work is really like.

The weather was dismal today and it poured down all morning putting paid to my evening at the football.

So after work I thought I would go to the Swan and get plastered.

If you checked out the blog last week you would know that I was intending to go to the Quarryman’s Rest to try the Pheasantry Brewery beer, Plastered, as I went to the brewery in September.

But having been busy every day since then I never got there before the barrel run out.

I got a tweet to say the beer was going to be on at the Swan this week so having no footy to go to watch I thought we could go for a swift one after work.

When we got there, oh no, no Pheasantry was available on the pumps.

It was still ‘coming soon’, so after a quick one, then two of what was on offer we came home for dinner, a duck breast, with mins potatoes and vegetables from the Fruit ‘n veg shop.

Hopefully we can get plastered tomorrow night instead.

Wednesday tomorrow, so it is time to change the Sweet of the Week.

I thought I should have Lions Sports Mixture in order to save me from myself.


The hardest of all the Lion gums, Lions Original Sports Mix,  and the black ones are tasty liquorice.

I do think Lions are the bestest sweets so when there is a lull in the shop it is too easy to open up the Lions jar (Midget gems, Wine Gums or Sports Mixture) and sample a few , then a few more.

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