Thursday 22nd November

The weather continued to be the major area of discussion and concern.

 The local events even made the main UK news as the South West is the one getting the bad weather at the moment.

 The canal bank at Tiverton collapsed and the canal emptied itself into a nearby field. 

The rain was accompanied by strong winds as you could see from the flag across the road.


These little chaps in the shop were very jealous of the conditions outside.Image

“Nice weather for us” they were saying to each other.

 The forecast for the evening was for torrential rain so we aborted our trip to Torquay to see Slade and Sweet and when we watched the Westcountry news at 6pm it said the link road from Tiverton to the M5 was closed so I think we made the correct decision.

 I was looking forward to singing along to this though

 Also this one although it’s not my signature tune

 The engineer from Romec came in today to service our alarm and as normal it caused some consternation as he checked that the various alarms are working (noisily).

There are always a couple of great moments during the testing and today was no different.

As one customer opened the door the alarm went off and he wondered what he had done.

Even better was when he left a gust of wing blew the door open just at the right moment to make it look like an automatic door.

An older lady customer was withdrawing some cash and after she had entered her pin and pressed the enter button the noisiest alarm bell sounded which made her jump and she thought she had set it off.

It magically stopped when she took her card out of the pin pad.

We did have to explain the reason to her.

We went to the Swan to get plastered again last night but unfortunately for the second night running the beer was still on the ‘Coming Soon’ list.

 I just saw a tweet this evening from the Swan to say the beer is now on.

 However on close inspection of the photo the beer is not brewed at the place I thought it was after all


I thought the photo of the pheasant on the top of the pump clip was from the Pheasantry Brewery when in fact it is from the Quantock Brewery.



I had still better go and try it having made such a big thing about it.

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