Sunday 25th November

After a late night we were awoken about 9 o’clock by the sound of a ladder being put against our wall next to our bedroom window.

I thought Christ (well, it was Sunday) the flooding must have returned with a vengeance and the fire brigade were here to rescue us from the rising waters.

My other half rushed to put her make up on in case it was hunky fireman to carry her down the ladder.

I pulled back the curtain, fearing the worst.


It was Mike removing the Bampton Fair flag so he could put up the Christmas tree!

I got dressed and headed down to Costcutter to get my paper and they were oblivious to the water level from last night apart from the mud left on the pavement so I showed then the photograph to prove where the water level had got to.

After breakfast we put up the Christmas decorations in the shop as they need to be in place for Friday’s shopping event and the switching on of the Bampton Christmas tree lights.

With all the excitement (?)  last night I forgot to get the Sunday joint out of the freezer so we decided to go out to lunch.

Quarryman’s Rest or the Swan?

You have to book for the Quarryman’s but you can turn up at the Swan and as it was about 3 o’clock I thought we should go to the Swan and I could at least try the ‘Plastered’ beer that I’ve been going on about.

When we got to the Swan they had just finished serving food so Steve, the manager, phoned the Quarryman’s to see if they could fit us in.

Yes they could if we went straightaway so I never got my pint of Plastered as we hotfooted it up the road.

We had a great carvery then retired to the sofa in the bar to wash it down.

I had put the footy on record just in case we were a few minutes late getting back home.

We got home after 6!

We had few more drinks while we chatted with Katrina from the Toucan and her chap, Richard, who is trying very hard to get the Bampton First Responders to the level where he wants it to be.

Katrina is also pushing to get the Bampton Heritage Centre up and running in the Church, hopefully by the spring, but she needs lots of volunteers to get involved in setting up and then running the centre.

There is always something going on in Bampton and luckily there are people who want to make things happen.



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