Monday 26th November

Bampton was still suffering from the rainy weekend as traffic could not get out along the Tiverton Road.

The service buses and the School bus all set off for Tiverton but then were confronted by a lake in the road so had toturn around and go past us to take an alternative route although part of that route was flooded as well.

All of the secret back lanes were being utilised so people who had two cars a month going past their front door suddenly found they were living next to a motorway, a one-lane motorway with traffic travelling in both directions.

If you live in Devon you have to be able to reverse!

A couple of old codgers (sorry characters) were in the shop discussing how they could get through when one spouted “Don’t blame the driver” and the other one said “ITMA” which I gather was a program on the wireless (no not the Wi-Fi stuff).

A few catchphrases were then bounced about before they drifted onto the catchphrases from the Glums.

I thought I would investigate this phenomenon.

Evidently, according to ‘Wiki’, the ITMA (It’s That Man Again) saying actually is ‘Don’t blame the Diver’

  • – spoken by Horace Percival upon entrance and exit as a diver. This became a very popular catchphrase in Britain during World War II [3]

This catchphrase was apparently inspired by a diver who solicited pennies on pier from seaside crowds, saying “Don’t forget the diver sir. Every penny makes the water warmer”.[4]

 The photo shows the Glums which emanated from another radio show ‘Take it from here’.


I recognised June Whitfield and Jimmy Edwards.

If you want to see the sort of humour of the Glums then here is a modern example of one of their sketches.

On another rainy day it is always good to look forward to summer and today the domestic cricket fixtures for 2013 were released so time to get my diary updated.

Talking of cricket, England won the test match in India.

Monty Panesar bowled brilliant, taking 11 wickets in the game.

When I saw him play at Taunton in August he got 13 wickets in that game so it’s good to see England pick him again at long last.


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