Tuesday 27th November

An early customer summed up the reason why Post offices are struggling to survive.

She asked for a redirection form and took it to the writing shelf to complete it.

After a few minutes she picked up her papers and headed for the door saying “Good, it says I can do this online”.

“Great” I replied “that means I won’t get paid then”.

The next customer came in and asked if I could change a £20 into two tens.

I accommodated the ‘free’ request.

The road was still closed out of Bampton to Tiverton as the lake was still there outside the new houses at Scott’s.

It was quite disconcerting to see the bus to Tiverton leave.


Then a few minutes later see it appear again.


Someone came in a few minutes later and asked “Have you seen the 12:09 bus?”

I replied “Yes, twice”.

I thought the situation was worsening when I saw this arrive across the road.


I thought they were maybe planning to hold water skiing lessons at Scotts.

This was quickly followed by this chap with his canoe who was thinking of offering a shuttle service across the water for those wanting to get to Tiverton.


He was actually going to canoe on Tiverton canal, the bit that was still there after last week when a lot of it disappeared into a field.

He said he had done his personal best time yesterday by covering 6 miles in one hour.

I asked him what speed he was going!

An older customer (born in the 1920’s) came in this afternoon and said “I’ve come for some fatherly advice”.

I said “What age do you think I am?”

I updated the adverts in the window after we closed and this one I found a little different to the norm.



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One Response to Tuesday 27th November

  1. paula says:

    Oh! I am a little embarrassed and very “tickled” that this make the blog! Hope someone wants the ducks….. Paula

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