Thursday 29th November

We had a very serious problem early this morning when a customer tried to write a birthday card. Image

The shop pen on the chain ran out of ink.

I told the customer it was a Post office custom that the person who was using the pen when it ran out had to purchase the new one.

She didn’t believe me!

The pen served us well and must have been used for several years as I can’t remember when I last changed it.

Paul from the Quarryman’s rest came in with a poster to advertise a special offer until the end of next week.


A decent three course meal and a bottle of wine for £50 sounds value to me.

You may be able to go to M&S or Waitrose and get a meal for two for £10 but it is preferable to eat properly cooked food rather than processed stuff in packages.

I would think that by the time you have visited M&S/Waitrose, using up your fuel, and then spent £10 on your posh meals on wheels and incidentally spent another load of money on items you never intended to buy in the first place your ‘value’ meal is not any longer.

If you pop up to the pub you get a table to sit at rather than a tray on your knee in front of the telly as well!

And you can even sneak a pint of real ale in first.

Customers are now getting into the swing of posting their Christmas cards abroad.

One of our philatelic customers came in to post hers but this was not a simple task as she was keen to use up stamps from her collection but then we had the onerous tasks of making up each card to the correct price.

Each card had a different priced stamp on 60p, 64p, 65p or 72p and then we had to make them up to 87p which often means adding several stamps.

We smile politely.

One of our customers (a character mentioned the other day) said her car locks had been frozen up and had used some UB40 to loosen it.

I said to her “I think you mean WD40 my dear”.

 Someone popped in with this poster to put in the window.


I would have thought Ballet without leotards would ONLY be suitable for adults.

I got these chaps to get some practice in before tomorrow evening.

 A bit finer tuning and they will be perfect.

I had them on the shelf behind the counter earlier in the week and someone tried to buy them.

I said “Sorry, they belong to me”.


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