Friday 30th November

It was going to be a long day today with the Bampton Community Evening and being expected to open until 8pm.

Someone came into post a parcel and wanted a ‘Proof of Posting’.

As I put on the post label she said it was a Christmas Pud.

I took her money and she asked where the P of P was.

I said “the proof is in the pudding!”


The proof of the pudding is in the eating

  1. The only real test of something is as what it is intended to be used for.

An older customer lady came in and asked for if we sold the ‘Highway Code’ which we do not.

She had been caught speeding and opted for the speed awareness course.

She said that the course was a better option than the fine but she realised she did recognise many of the signs so wanted the Highway Code to see what they were.

 It does worry you doesn’t it and I see many oldies trying to drive!

The weather has been freezing for the last couple of days and I try to get the shop up to a temperature so I can still work in my shirtsleeves but customers manage to not shut the door behind them properly so often we have to remind them to ‘SHUT THE DOOR please’

I have instigated a new rule for staff.

When a customer is about to leave the shop and open the door on a cold day DO NOT involve them in conversation as they stand there with the door open while they chat merrily away.

They have their coat on but I don’t!

The late shopping evening came and went with not too many customers.

This chap popped in and I said “Are you well?”


He said “Oyez Oyez Oyez”.

I said “Can I help you?”

He replied “Oyez Oyez Oyez”.

I didn’t ask any more questions.

The customers were few and far between even though we offered a FREE Bampton mug for those spending £20 or more.


No one qualified for a mug!

I’m glad I didn’t bother to get the free fruit cake and wine out.

The Toucan did send me down a Mulled Wine, delivered by Steve, which was greatly appreciated and it really nice as it was the stuff they normally sell rather than a cheaper free offering offered by some outlets.

 Don’t forget to open only 1 of your advent calendars windows tomorrow.



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