Saturday 1st December

It was a busy day in the Post office as lots of people were in to tax their cars.

Why do they leave it to the last minute?

A young chap came in to tax his car for the first time and arrived with £76 of £2 coins as he had been saving up for a while.

I had a call about 10 o’clock “I know you have advertisements in your window for logs. Can you let me know the phone numbers please?”

“Of course” I replied “I will go out in the freezing cold with just my shirt on (the top bit) and read out the numbers to you”.

All part of the Post office experience.

An older chap came in and said “Have you got any?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Can I have twenty then please?”

He only takes out cash if I have brand new £5 notes, consecutive numbers!

I don’t ask the reason why.

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