Monday 3rd December

The Christmas rush started today and as the last posting date for far flung places such as Australia and New Zealand is this Wednesday there were lots of cards heading that way.

It was that busy that we did not have time to have a chat to too many people to find out some information for the blog!

The ‘star’ of yesterday’s blog came in early , thankfully with a smile on his face and said he had phoned friends and family to get them to look at the video of him ‘gangnaming’.

He was concerned that he would be going viral but having checked, only 70 people have viewed the blog since yesterday’s posting and the only countries outside the UK viewing the dance have been in France and Australia so he has only another 874 million hits to catch up the original video.

When he returned later in the day I did show him an email from a ‘fan’ that had seen him on YouTube.

The majority of our customers are great but today I had a miserable sod in (as he normally is).

He asked for help finding a birthday card ‘because they are all Christmas cards on the rack’.

Only a third of the cards are Christmas cards and the rest as for the rest of the year.

I looked in the stock drawers for him and found one he liked so I thought he was okay.

He then managed to find another 3 or 4 by himself would you believe.

When it came to paying (about a tenner) he moaned that we are the only shop without a card machine.

I said “It’s normally not a problem for us as the majority of our customers can get cash out in the Post office but if not they understand and pop down to Costcutters to use their cash machine”.

He huffed and puffed and got out his cash.

I gave the cards to his other half but as she walked away from the counter he wanted a bag to put them in.

He complained that I had not put them in a bag.

I replied “most people now bring in their own bag and as the cards are wrapped in cellophane they don’t need a bag from us”.

He huffed and puffed as I gave him a paper bag.

I returned to serving one of the 99.9% smiley customers.

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