Wednesday 5th December

Bampton was on the TV again today.

BBC Spotlight were reporting live to the nation, outside the Post Office, at 1:30.


Spotlight had parked their Satellite van outside the butchers and the interviews took place outside our shop with a backdrop of Lofty’s van, Bampton Game, which got a great several minutes advertisement for free.

Andrea had combed her hair and put some lippy on and was speaking to Katrina (Toucan) and John (butchers).

It was quite unreal looking out of the upstairs window and seeing them both.


While at the same time I could see them on the telly.


They were speaking about the ‘Autumn Statement’ which seemed a bit behind the times as it was freezing tonight and was more like winter.

We had a call this morning and the caller said “Can I use out of date first class stamps?”

“Of course you can, as long as it’s got 1st on it you can use whenever you like”.

It’s surprising how many people think that they cannot use last year’s Christmas stamps this year.

A little girl was brought in by her mum to post a letter to Santa.

The plan was that the letter was actually posted to Grandma who would reply on behalf of FC.

Mum asked for an envelope to insert the letter addressed to Santa, however the girl wanted to put the letter in the Post box outside.

This complicated the plan as the child got a little unhappy when I put the letter in our post bag.

Five minutes later, still with a grumpy child, mum came in to reclaim the letter to put in the box outside, all in a bit of a rush so daughter didn’t spot the envelope switch.

If you really need to write to Santa, then you should send a stamped letter to


Santa’s Grotto



If you do you should get a reply from the man himself


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