Friday 7th December

It was an interesting today on several levels.

I worked in the Post office a couple of hours before I set off to Exeter Races which at this time of year had an early start as the first race was 12:30.

Before I left an ambulance with siren sounding and lights flashing had gone past the shop.

As I got into my car to leave, the ambulance was travelling back down Brook St, slaloming between the delivery lorries and the other redirected vans and cars that were having to avoid the Black cat to Exebridge road.

It went past me and I followed a truck behind it as I set off towards Tiverton.

I caught up the ambulance after a couple of miles on an uphill stretch thinking it was slowing going up the hill, however when we approached the turn off to Stoodleigh it indicated right which I thought was strange.

Instead of turning right the Ambulance did a U turn and headed back to Bampton.

I hope they were not lost.

The next incident happened as I joined the M5.

As I accelerated into the motorway traffic from the slip road I was confronted by braking vehicles, especially in the middle and outside lanes so I stayed to the inside lane.

The next minute I had slipped past a mangled car in the outside lane as an accident had just happened.

Luckily the occupant walked away

When I got to the races I saw this sight.

I thought humans were supposed to ride the horse.


Here the horse appeared to be on top of the human.

This evening we were kindly invited to Castle Grove

They hold a Christmas Event, Black Tie of course, for the residents where friends and family and pillars (I said pillARS) of local society, like Sub postmasters, are invited.

It was a great evening where we chatted with some customers who ventured down to see us and also some recognisable faces in terms of residents and their families who we have met in the past.

I have discovered this week, that having worn my Cummerbund for many years now that I have been wearing it upside down.

My son had borrowed it on Wednesday for his companies Christmas do, and is the won’t nowadays, he googled what to do with it.

What is the correct way to wear a cummerbund? Is it pleats up or down?

The obvious thing to me was that the round bit was at the bottom.


“One common question about cummerbunds is: do the pleats face up or down? The answer: the pleats face UP, as if they were little pockets. If you make crumbs while you eat, the cummerbund pleats should be able to catch your slovenly mess. One last note: you can wear a vest or a cummerbund, but not both. That would be gauche (that’s bad).”

I now know better!

We had a very pleasant evening chatting away with people we see once a year and the best story to relate from the old days was that years ago when a lady used to catch the train every day from Tiverton to Tiverton Junction, the train used to wait for her on a morning if she was late.

You could not contemplate that happening is this day and age.


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One Response to Friday 7th December

  1. Rob Moses says:

    Hahaha That hat is the best LOL.

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