Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th December


On Saturday morning we were busy especially with the customer who brought in a dozen small packages and wanted Certificate of Posting for each of them.

It takes 10 seconds to sell the stamps and three minutes to the certificates – no wonder there are queues in Post Offices.

She wasn’t a regular customer but if she had been I would have asked her to download the proof of posting form from the internet and enter in the details herself before coming into the shop.

I saw the van from the environment agency outside.


The flood warnings have stopped!

Look who I saw at the football at Plymouth.


He must have been having a few hours off before he starts his one day a year job.

I wonder if he signs on for the other 51 weeks.

If he does, I haven’t seen him in our Post Office collecting his benefits.

It’s really nice after a lie in on a Sunday morning to hear my other half says those three little words.

“Where’s my phone?”



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