Tuesday 11th December

This unusual vehicle parked outside is used by Lofty to shelter his shooting set.


On a freezing cold day like today they can huddle together under here while they are sipping their sloe gin.

That is assuming that it starts!


It was good to see that the police fell in line with Bampton parking policy today as they double parked outside.


As I mentioned last week the local Reverend has planted a sheep in the shop so that the local children can participate in a treasure hunt.

Over the last couple of days we have had many children, some on their own and some with parents wandering around the shop with pen and paper searching out for Adam.

I always like to check out names and addresses on mail to try and spot any unusual ones. 

Late yesterday, I noticed a parcel to Mr A Friend.

I said to the customer “It’s nice to see you have a friend”.

He replied “Yes and his son plays football for Middlesborough”.

I replied “Yes, I know him and I’ve seen him play for Tiverton Town when he was on loan a couple of years ago.”


In order to save the Parcel force driver some time and energy I signal to him through the window to him in his van with a ‘thumbs up’ if he has to come inside and pick up a parcel or a ‘thumbs down’ if he can continue on his merry way.

He managed to counter my sign after I gave him a thumbs down with a finger pointing at the front door of my house followed by the throwing of his head back and pretending to pour down a drink.

It did confuse me until I realised he had a couple of boxes to drop off for me from ‘Naked Wines’. www.nakedwines.co.uk

You order the wine by 5pm and it is delivered by Parcelforce the next day


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