Thursday 13th December

A customer came in and asked “Are they holding up the mail?”

“I think Ronnie Biggs is a bit old for it now” I replied “What do you mean?”

“As it is Christmas, don’t they slow up the post?”

People do come up with strange ideas.

My other was having a bit of a sniffle when she served a customer, who said “You shouldn’t have parked in a draughty gateway”.

As a Devonian she seemed to understand what he was on about.

I had no idea and neither has Google!

This waggon was parked outside today.


It belongs to one of our customers who travels around and gives pooches an on the spot wash and brush up.

Another customer came in with some paperwork and asked “Can I pay this Italian Speeding Fine here?”

“Sorry no, how did you manage to cop that?”

He was doing 110kph rather than 90kph and was caught by a speed gun.

We had a delivery of Cadbury Crème Eggs today which I quickly put on display to wind people up.


It is not too long to Easter.

After yesterday’s exclusive, the talk of the town was about my resignation and the proposed move to Spar.

It was nice to hear that our customers are disappointed with us closing down but most of them understand that we cannot continue to work five and a half days a week when the transactions are reducing.

When we first started about 10 years ago, December was non–stop.

From when we opened until we closed it was go go go all day with queues of people to post Christmas cards and parcels and we used to fill 30 or more mailbags a day and pile it up inside our house as there was no space behind the counter.

This week, on Monday I had to put about 5 mailbags in the house and that was it.

It was also good that customers, our friends, will miss popping in for a chat which sounds good but there is not a lot of profit in that I’m afraid!


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