Saturday 15th December

We had a Bampton Twinning Christmas get together last night and look what we won in the raffle.


Somebody had already won it and when they opened the bag and saw what it was they decided to put it back amongst the pile of prizes!

My other half decided it would be a fun Christmas present and she has someone in mind.


Father Christmas was outside of the shop this morning and along with his chums from the Rotary was collecting for their various charities.

 I was asked to put up this advert today.


 On investigation via Google I found this description posted on the internet.

A Spanador is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a labrador retriever.

Otherwise known as a mutt!

However, some breeders have begun mixing these two breeds together to create this hybrid breed because they have so many good qualities such as a good temperament, medium size and they’re smart – not to mention – very cute!

Spanadors can come in any colour and may inherit more of the Cocker Spaniel characteristics or more of the Labrador characteristics.

Thank goodness they didn’t call them Labracocks!



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