Every Picture Tells a Story (Don’t it)

In the immortal words of Rod Stewart, ‘Every Picture tells a story’



Last night we had our Christmas ‘works do’, all 5 of us!

For a change we thought we would get a chef, along with a waitress, to come to our home in order to prepare and serve us a grand meal.

Pete the chef turned up about half past 5 and got to work in our kitchen.

Just after 6 o’clock he said that the gas had run out on the hob.

“No problem, we have two tanks of gas, although it should normally switch itself over.”

Once I had managed to find the torch, my other half then moved the flow of gas from the empty tank to the other tank of gas.

Still no gas so I investigated further and found the valve thing on the second tank was closed so I unwound it open.

Hooray, gas returned to the hob and Pete recommenced his cooking.

As I was about to get changed, Pete said the gas had gone again.

On checking, both tanks were empty.


Three people were arriving in less than an hour expecting to be wined and dined.

At this point, we needed Corporal Jones to calm us down.

However, living in Bampton has its advantages and after a couple of phone calls to friends for ideas what to do we got the number of the lady who works for the local gas cylinder supplier and asked for advice on what we could do.

She very kindly offered to open up the site for me so I could go and collect a cylinder so off I shot to collect her and drive her down to the site to collect the smaller cylinder.

By ten past seven we were ‘COOKING ON GAS’

Pete still served the canapés by the planned time of seven thirty and continued to treat us to a great meal, performing the washing up and leaving the kitchen clean and tidy before he left us to finish off the evening.

Mrs B saved the day by sourcing the gas…a big thank you awaits.


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