Tuesday 18th December

There was great excitement as I was due to get a delivery from a DPD driver.

I got an email to say ..

Your order from xxxxxxx (can’t say in case my other half reads who it is from) is out for delivery today by Jim your DPD driver and is due to be delivered between 09:55-10:55. Can you please ensure that someone will be available to sign for the parcel at 29 Brook Street.
Coincidently, Denise, who was working in the shop today, said she was also expecting a delivery at home by Jim of DPD.

He was due in Brushford between 11:05 and 12:05.

We thought that it would be a good idea to make it easier for Jim if we asked him to drop her parcel off with Denise in the shop.

At 09:55 precisely I saw the van pull up outside.


Jim went up the road with another parcel and as he returned by the shop he indicated that he would be back with my parcel any moment.

He’s Jim bringing in my parcel which I duly signed for.


I then said “You have got a parcel for Denise, addressed to Brushford, but no one is at home as she is here. To save you a journey as well can you bring that parcel in please?”

Jim replied “No”.


Jim continued “I’m sorry but my technology will not let me book the parcel into my handheld device until the designated time”.

This is a great example that technology does not always make things simpler.

Here in Bampton we are not very far from the wonderful sights of the countryside.

Our friends went out this morning towards Exmoor to walk the dogs and spied this wonderful sight.


The resiting of the Post Office made the local paper this morning http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/Post-Office-set-relocation/story-17619340-detail/story.html


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