Thursday 20th December

Today, I was asked to perform an identification on a cat.

Even though it was persisting with rain I was asked to go outside the shop and look at a cat that was inside a basket (plastic box thing).


This notice has been in the window of our next door neighbour for several days now and I have seen the cat in question strolling about in our garden.

I wonder if he has met our cat ‘Syd Vicious’ as humans remember meeting him by the souvenir scars he leaves with them.

The couple that asked me if I knew about the ‘lost’ cat had knocked on the house next door but it was a bit early in the day for her.

They thought that I might know about the cat in question and asked me to see if the cat in the box was the cat that was reported lost.

I could not quite understand what the reason was but having asked a couple of times I didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

The couple did say they were going away for Christmas so all I could assume was that they were hoping it was the lost cat so they could dump it on my neighbour.

It is good to see that customers have faith in the postal system and are still posting Christmas cards to Australia and New Zealand and believing they will get there before Christmas.

I discovered a strange thing by looking at the weather forecast I put on the door every day.

The forecast includes the sunrise and sunset times but I thought that the nights started to draw out after the shortest day, 21st December.

This appears not to be true as the earliest sunset time was on 7th December until the 16th but on the 17th the night started to draw out.


Did you realise that folks?

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