Thursday 27th December

During the inevitable discussions that happen over the dinner table during Christmas one phrase was used that perplexed a few others.

‘If you touch a Dandelion you will wet the bed’.

On investigation I found this..

The word Dandelion comes from the French name for the plant “dents de lion”. This means teeth of the lion and refers to the jagged edges of the leaf of the plant.
The other French name for this plant is pis-en-lit, in English this means wet the bed. Dandelions deserve this name because their greens, when eaten, remove water from the body i.e. they are a diuretic.
So eating the greens could cause someone to well… you can guess the rest. Not recommend for a bedtime snack. !!


It was slow going this morning in the shop.

The first customer appeared after about 40 minutes and she was posting some Christmas cards!

And she wasn’t the only one today to do that would you believe.


Just after lunch I spied a family emerging from a house with the children about to try out their new Christmas presents.

I would suggest that after lots of hints from the children and letters to Santa the parents proudly stood back as the paper was unwrapped on Christmas morning.

So here they were outside the door, the older child with a brand new bicycle and the younger sibling with a scooter.

The bicycle was mounted but before the great push away dad was called for and with a spanner in hand he emerged to raise the seat.

Other members of the family joined the group for the momentous occasion while the younger child leant on the scooter becoming bored before the green light was given.

Seat adjusted so the ground could only be reached by tippy toes, off set the budding Victoria Pendleton along the pavement.

After about ten yards, not exactly Tour De France distance, the trip was ended as the cyclist decided that their old bike was better.

Everyone returned home and out came the old bike and they disappeared into the distance.

And to put a cap on it the younger sibling decided that the scooter wasn’t much cop either.

I blame Santa.

The end of the day was enlightened when Richard, the Postie, came in wearing his Christmas present from a relative.

I wonder if he will be wearing it again tomorrow!


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