Friday 28th December

It was another generally quiet day so it gave us chance to tidy up the Christmas cards and gifts.

When we had a little tidy under the counter we found that we had accumulated a stash of pens that customers had left behind on the counter.


I reckon we must be the only post office where customers leave more pens than are ‘stolen’.

A couple of interesting adverts were brought in today.

The first was an advert for some puppies.

After last weeks ‘Spanador’ , we now have ‘Sprocker’


A quick search found lots of useless facts but simply someone says..

cocker x springer spaniels
Happy go lucky sort of dogs
Both breeds were bred to be gundogs so highly intelligent with a tank full of energy.

The second advert was a typical type Bampton advert where a group of people want to get together to improve their French speaking.


Hopefully someone will step forward to meet the group for an evening of drinking and French conversation.

 A joke for Friday…

The phone rings, and the wife answers.

A pervert, with heavy breathing, says, 
“I bet you have a tight arse with no hair?”

Woman replies,
“Yes, he’s watching TV – who shall I say is calling?”   


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