Saturday 29th December

A great start to the day when the first customer, a regular, came in to her car tax.

“I only insured yesterday so I couldn’t do it online”.

“What a shame “I said through gritted teeth.

People have a misconception that getting us to do some work other than selling stamps puts us out.


Sometimes customers say things to us that we are not sure whether to believe them or not.

A chap came in to return a catalogue as it was addressed to his wife who died recently.

He said he had phoned the catalogue company and said he did not want to receive it anymore as his wife had passed away.

The person on the other end of the phone line said “I’m sorry sir but I cannot accept the cancellation from you, it must be from your wife” Doh!


You learn something new every day.

A lady came in with a postcard (some sort of equipment warranty) that she had put a second class stamp on. The card had been returned to her as the address was outside the UK and she had not realised.

The address was to a town called Monaghan with no country mentioned.

I said it sounds a bit Irish to me so with the help of Google on my phone I confirmed my thoughts.


The rain continued to fall and it looked like the bus needed to have extra windscreen wipers so travellers could identify its destination as I couldn’t read it.


At least the temperature is reasonable as a result of the wet weather.

A customer said that her Snowdrops were coming up already.

I must have a look in my garden to see if any have put in an appearance yet.


To end the day we ventured up the Quarryman’s Rest for a meal – I think the ‘Rest’ in the pub name means it saves you from cooking and washing up!

As usual I got sent to see what was on the specials board and report back.

However this time, rather than having to remember or making more trips, through the wonders of modern science I snapped the details on my phone so everyone else could read it for themselves.



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