New Years Eve

One of our customers who is a Doctor Who fanatic came in this morning and I took the opportunity to show her a couple of the stamps that will be on sale in March.


She was a David Tennant fan and I remember we bought her a DT pillow for her 60th birthday so she could sleep with him!

She now seems to be quite happy with the new chap, not that I watch it.

A regular occurrence is that someone posts a letter without a stamp or accidently puts something in the post-box.

We do not have a key to the box so we have to appeal to the posties better nature to filter through the contents to find the item in question.

This morning a chap tried to put the stamp on as he was putting the letter in the box but unfortunately the letter dropped and the stamp stuck to his finger so he came into the shop in a panic.

We managed to find his letter and attached the stamp before the postie left.

I wonder what might happen when we close the Post office.

It was quite funny today seeing customers with their new coats that they received as Christmas presents.

They hadn’t a clue in which pocket they had put their wallets and paperwork.

No doubt we will get the same confusion later in the week when ladies try out their new handbags and purses.



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