Thursday 3rd January

Late yesterday a customer came in with this advert to put in the window.


I said “I bought your old TV when you bought the one you are now selling”.

“It still works fine and I have in it ‘the office’ so I can watch it while on the computer (doing the blog for example)” I continued.

I bought the old TV about 5 years ago and although it was a wide screen it also had a wide back and it nearly broke my back taking it up the stairs.

Thank goodness all the new TV’s are really light.

Evidently the TV for sale works well and is only for sale as the customers DVD player had broken and when she went to buy a new one she ended up with a new TV/DVD combo.

Good salesmanship I would suggest. 

One of our pubs in Bampton joined the blogging set yesterday

Put this on your favourites (or bookmarks) to get a different slant on Bampton and associated food and drink stories.

Don’t forget you should also have Steve’s blog which is based on great photographs around Bampton, Devon and wherever he ventures off too (as long as he can extract his scooter!).  todays photo is stunning and it makes my PC look like 3D.

And finally remember to favouritise the official Bampton website that Humphrey meticulously keeps updated

And finally, only an older person can drop this into conversation

“She left her husband and ran off with a lesbian lady”

I think the last word was a bit superfluous….


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