Friday 4th January

A round trip of 500 miles to return mother back home was the order of the day.

I know I have an old car (nearly 11yo) with an eleven year old radio and bent aerial but why is the radio reception so different as your travel up and down the country?

One minute you have a perfect reception on a BBC radio 2 or 5 and then it will disappear for no reason and might not return for miles.

I put the radio on search hoping to find a commercial radio station as we passed close to larger places (Bristol, Birmingham etc.) and years ago you could always track these for miles but not anymore either.

Classic Radio and Radio 1 seem to be the main stations that have the better reception along with Radio 4 but these are not for me when driving.

I end up with a splattering of Radio 2 and Radio 5 if I am lucky (or unlucky).

Today’s audio was not great listening so I popped my CD player on a couple of times, however, I must change the CD!

I had to switch off Radio 2 this morning as they had been arguing (sorry discussing the whys and wherefores) whether an obese bloke should be given an operation.

The chap that was 70 stone is now 24 stone after the fitting of a gastric band but he now needs additional surgery (NHS cost) to remove the excess skin he now has.

His original operation and subsequent care cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and this was compared against hospital staff having to take home equipment to clean it as NHS could not afford to do it.

I had to switch off when he started to describe the 3 stone of skin he has flapping about his belly.


I normally see Martin Lewis on TV in the morning as I eat my porridge but he was on Radio 2 discussing the rights of customers when trying to return goods to shops.

It was interesting to hear that only faulty goods can only be returned legally.

If one of our customers in the shop for example buys an Age 4 birthday card then gets home and realises it should have been for a 5 year old we can tell them ‘tough, buy another one’ if they want to come back and ask to exchange it.


While checking the spelling Martin on his website I found this

And people have the cheek to complain about Royal Mail and ParcelForce to us!


Simon Mayo was on Radio 5 this afternoon then was to be Radio 2 from 5pm….two jobs on one day.


His first show was reviewing films with some other chap.

They managed to put me off going to see the Impossible, a real life story about the 2004 Tsunami.

It is rated 12A but sounded very gory and nearly everyone starts crying in the cinema…a real bundle of laughs then.

Check out the trailer


The other strange thing about listening to the radio they keep saying “You can watch us on the Webcam”. 

Surely radio with pictures is TV!


While I out my other half took this picture of a roof being delivered and all of it had to be ‘carried’ up Mary Lane to the house in question as the vehicle had no chance of driving up the lane.


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One Response to Friday 4th January

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Susan rang Yodel customer service today to complain about an Amazon return that they failed to collect on Wednesday. Not only did she not speak to anyone, on any of four numbers, but the phone lines didn’t seem to go anywhere. Not even a dial tone. How would that be customer service?

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