Tuesday 8th January

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


It must have been by the state of our recycling boxes as they were waiting to be collected today.

It did make a great sound as the bottles were tipped into the lorry though!

As from next Monday there are new rules for posting ‘Dangerous Goods’.


Initially the rules will apply to international mail prior to similar rules being applied to UK mail later in the year.

We will be asking all customers posting packages abroad whether the contents are potentially dangerous or not.

One of the main restrictions is with Lithium Batteries.

I have tried to find out how you know whether a battery is a Lithium one or not but it is not clear.

I have decided that the only way to tell if it is a Lithium one is if the battery has ‘Lithium’ printed on the side of it.

How many people look at the battery in their phone, MP3 player, camera, laptop etc?

When I ask the question “Is there a Lithium Battery in that package?” I wonder how many customers will reply “I don’t know”.


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