Saturday 12th January


We were the ‘Citizens Advice’ bureau this morning as during a conversation about the hidden treasures of Bampton a customer was unhappy that one of them was being spoilt by someone putting their rubbish bin next to it, leaving it there all the time and filling it with black bags.

I told the customer to phone the council as I thought there was a bye-law that stated you should not put your rubbish out on the street until 8pm the night before collection.


After that it was a quick escape to venture up the M5 to Cheltenham to watch my football team.

Having left grey and rainy Bampton (it had been lashing down for hours again) it was a nice surprise to see the sun out and a dry carriageway north of Bristol.


Having done my homework we parked near to the ground and set off to find the pub of my choice.


As the pub was chosen from my CAMRA beer guide App, the younger chaps were concerned it may not serve lager (yuk), not have food or even Sky Sports to watch the QPR v Spurs game.

I was slightly concerned as the description of the pub was ‘A quiet pub’ but it did say it served lunchtime meals.


On arrival at this small back street inn, not only did I spy the footy match on the TV but also the chaps spotted lager (yuk).

As we ordered the drinks the landlord pointed to a large tureen.


He said “It’s a cold day lads (he included me in that terminology I think), help yourselves to FREE food.”

We didn’t need to be told twice.

The cauldron (as the chaps called it) contained a sausage, beans, pepperoni type mixture and accompanied with bread and butter did the trick.

The food went down nicely with my pint of Severn Vale Freeride (yum).

The chaps, when invited to, tucked into a second helping of the food but I declined knowing I had a Bampton Butchers Pastie awaiting me before the game.

I did notice from a piccy on the wall that another important person (apart from me) had also sought out this hostelry in the past.


QM seen downing a pint, no doubt before see popped over to Prestbury one March to present the trophy at the Cheltenham Festival.


The game ended in a draw but worse to come.


On returning to the car I had lost my YCFC scarf!


My 20+ year old scarf has been to Wembley 5 times and I hope the after match rubbish pickers did not bury it with the discarded burger and chip cartons. It deserved better than that.


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