Monday 14th January

It was spookily quiet on Brook Street this morning.


There was no need for double parking today.


One of the customers that came in enquired about the service that we advertise on the board outside (you can see it on the photo above).

We explained how the Moneygram worked and she thought she would send some money over to France in the future.

In order to play SAFE and to PROTECT ourselves I suggested we checked on the system to see if there were any collection points close to where she was sending the money.

I asked ‘What is the name of the nearest city please?”

“Condom “came(!) the reply.

I checked the system and replied “I’m sorry but there are no outlets in Condom”


Given the more widespread social use, in the English language, of the word condom, it is interesting to note that the town is located on the river Baïse; baise, without the diaeresis, is a French vulgarism for a sexual act. In European French however, a condom is usually called préservatif rather than a condom. It is also home to a museum of famous population-control devices


I had another one of my squeamish moments later in the morning as a customer explained to my other half how she managed to get a needle in her finger when using the sewing machine.


After lunch, a car alarm kept going off somewhere down the street.

When a customer came in a bit later she said the car owner had left a Jack Russell in the car and it was jumping about and setting off the alarm.

Why can’t dog owners train their animals to sit still in the car?


Late in the afternoon a package was handed over for posting and when I wrote out the certificate of posting it was going to a place with an intriguing name of ‘Plucks Gutter’.

On investigation it appears it is a popular holiday place in Kent.


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