Wednesday 16th January

Great publicity for Tesco and the like today.


That’s if you like a bit of horse with your burger.

 That’s why you should shop with smaller local businesses that do not rely on third parties cutting corners to reduce costs as they are squeezed by the big bad boys.


Lofty’s pheasant burgers do not have any horse in them as you are not allowed to go out and shoot them for fun.

Coincidently a stranger came in and asked where the butcher was that sold game.

Realising she did not mean the butcher next door, I said “Do you mean the chap whose van is parked just outside the Post Office?”

“Oh yes, I didn’t notice”, she replied.

I pointed out where Lofty lived and she went off to buy some ‘game’.

Later in the afternoon, Lofty must have satisfied the lady (!) as she waved and smiled as she went back down the road.

One of our customers who is diabetic came in and told us that someone had told him “I’m a diabetic as well but I take tablets rather than using one of those Insulators”.


A mum, of several children, came in late in the day to buy a Pritt stick.

I asked if she gave it to the kids and told them it was a lipstick as that might be a way of keeping them quiet.

She bought them one each!


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