Thursday 17th January

A day of texts, tweets and emails relating to burgers but I have ‘moo’ved on.

 The majority of the conversations today was about the imminent snow deposits that are due over night.

Several people came in to get their money a day earlier, just in case, and others got money to go and stock up with provisions.

I would think I might have some snowy photos for the blog tomorrow.

Nobody bought a sledge though!

Apart from the weather the trend today was advertisements for the window.

One was for budding bloggers.


If you want to learn to write proper like what I do then you can go on a course at the Toucan.

Or maybe you can sing, which I can’t do at all.


It sounds like fun especially if I do not go along!

 Or maybe you would like to offer your services at Knightshayes


The postie brought me the latest brochure for the Brewhouse in Taunton and yet again there is nothing that I fancy going to see.


I don’t know what has happened but years ago there were several plays, dramas, comedies that were great to go and see but these have disappeared off the agenda.

Where are the famous actors treading the boards nowadays?


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