Happy 1st birthday to the blog.


A couple of great birthday tunes to listen to/watch.






I have posted 317 entries on the blog and have had 10,238 views from over 50 different countries in the world.

The busiest day was when there were 118 views.


 This is what greeted me this morning as I went optimistically get my Racing post.


It was a well done to the paper delivery driver as my RP was waiting for me when I got to Costcutters.


The bus turned up on time to collect the kids for Tiverton High School but unfortunately there were only four children waiting of which 2 got on the bus and 2 did a runner.


Are the kids wimps or skivers nowadays or maybe its soft parents not letting their poor little lambs out in snowy weather?

I do think children should make the most of the free teaching they are given, especially the child that came into the shop who confidently explained why the weather was poor today.

“Antarctica is melting and that is why the snow is coming”.

Hope Africa is ready for it as it goes past, I thought to myself.


My first blog reported that the van of our evening postie had broken down when it got to us and the photo shows it being taken away on a trailer.


Today the same postie had to be rescued by a tractor as he had gone to collect mail from a business in Wonham and got stuck in the snow.

The business wasn’t even open as no one turned up for work!


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One Response to HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Happy birthday from Bampton Blogspot. How sad is that??

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