Saturday 19th January

This magic machine was out early this morning.


It was outside the Fruit & Veg with its light flashing as I went for my paper.

I wondered what was happening as there were a couple of people in hi viz jackets.

As it got lighter, it dawned on me (!), that it was the gritting machine that belongs to the parish council and they were putting grit on to the pavement.

They do this so that customers can pick it up on their shoes, boots and wellies and bring it into the shop for me to vacuum up the following morning.

A bit of snow and ice and all manner of strange vehicles appear outside.


I have seen several of these vehicles in the last two days.

All sorts of headgear were being modelled this morning.


There were also lots of woolly hats on show which made it difficult for people to recognise each other.

There were many “Oh, it’s you” comments in the shop this morning.


One of our customers was having trouble with her hand and explained to my other half that it was ‘Old Man’s Claw’ and she reckoned that is was more likely to be found in people with Scottish or Scandinavian decent


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