Monday 21st January

Yesterday was the sort of day you can have if you live in Bampton.

It did start off pretty strangely as I was woken by the alarm then realised it was not a working day and went back to sleep.

What was more disturbing was that when I got up and went to Costcutters I noticed I put on my workday shoes!

At noon we hotfooted down to the Riverside Hall to attend the ‘Community Lunch’ organised by the Exmoor Rotary to raise money for Shelterbox

Over 100 locals attend the event where they are served by members of the Rotary and it’s a good chance to sit down and have a chat with others that you would not normally have time to be with.


Edward Tanner has delivered the 3 course meal for many years now and he now works with his daughter Rachel who runs Acer Catering to provide the fare along with rotary members who provide a lot of the puds.

In true Bampton fashion there had to be a raffle (in which we failed to win).

Eve, who was sat behind me, did win and her hubby picked out a prize for her.


He picked a tub of body butter but I think he failed to read the instructions first as it is not wise to eat straight from the pot or off the body.

He must have thought it was similar to the body chocolate!

After the lunch (with wine) we needed a restful afternoon so I put my feet up and watched the football but by seven fifteen we were on the move again to go to the Swan for Quiz night.

The quiz was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and would you believe our team won so in ‘quiz winning tradition’ we donated our winnings to Macmillan.

Quiz nights are always a great way to spend the evening.

It’s another way of meeting up with locals and its good fun when people start disputing the answers.


It was busy today, especially this morning as more people ventured out after the snow and ice at the weekend.

Many customers were saying that more snow was on the way tonight so they were stocking up with provisions.

One chap came in and announced he had broken his TV.

He said that he gone to pull the TV forward a bit but overdid it and if fell to the floor.

Someone said too him “I thought it was attached to the wall”.

“Not anymore “he replied.


He reckons he has solved the problem by getting out a new mobile phone contract as they are giving out a free 50inch TV with the contract.


On investigation it appears you can get all sorts of free stuff with mobile phone contracts – they certainly must be lucrative for the phone people as well.


Choose from a fantastic range of free gifts such as an Apple iPod Touch, a Samsung 50” TV, a Nintendo Wii with various games, hair straighteners, a range of laptops and even golf clubs! Whatever your preference, there are many different types of gift arrangements to suit your lifestyle


Another set of tickets were handed over today for our Box Office.


It’s Panto season again.

‘Oh no it isn’t’

‘Oh yes it is’


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