Tuesday 22nd January

Early this morning I got a couple of tweets highlighting a scam that looked like the Post Office were advising on tax rebates and requesting bank details.


I hope nobody is stupid enough to believe it, let alone actually send the information.

I wonder if these people are ever caught. 

Late in the day I got a message through my Post office computer about the scam so I think many people must have got involved today.


Our first two customers were on the scrounge.

The first one came in to return something to Amazon and said she was told to come the Post office to do it free.

She got out a pre-paid label so that was fine but it needed to be attached to the parcel so I had to donate several strips of sellotape to achieve this.

She never considered buying a roll.

The second customer came in with a large parcel and a large envelope which were addressed to the same place so he asked if I could give him some parcel tape to put them together so he could pay less.

Lost postage and 3 foot of tape down on the deal – I must be mad.


This customer has not fallen in the shop or as even taken time for praying to Mecca.

She managed to knock a basket of cake decorations off the table and then picked them up for me.

No sooner had she put them back on the table then she turned around and knocked off a box of bows.


A customer was in buying some sweets and was talking about sweets of old when you got 8 black jacks for tuppence as he reckoned they cost a farthing each.

He says he remembers farthings as they did not go out of circulation until the late 60’s.

My other half wasn’t convinced as she couldn’t remember them.

After he left the shop, I googled it and found that the farthing went out of circulation in 1960 when we were still in single figures!


I posted a parcel to ‘Strawberry Fields’  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strawberry_Fields_Forever but this was in Rugby not Liverpool.

On investigation on the internet there appears no link to the Beatles song as all I find is houses for sale in the area.


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